Contribution to FedCSIS 2020

On 8 September 2020, our team member Robert Wehlitz attended the 15th Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS) to present current research results from the SENERGY project.

Prior to this, the conference paper Increasing the Reusability of IoT-aware Business Processes, submitted by him and his co-authors, was accepted for publication by the program committee of the FedCSIS after a single-blind peer review.

The paper addresses the challenge of integrating different IoT devices into automated business processes while ensuring the reusability and flexibility of the latter. In this context, a device abstraction model is presented, by means of which concrete services of IoT devices are abstracted to generic device functions, whereby business processes can be defined and automated decoupled from implementation details. Furthermore, a system architecture is presented that supports the modeling, implementation, execution and reusability of business processes in IoT scenarios.

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the FedCSIS 2020 was held as a purely online event.